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These Pens Were Made For Writing (Fictionland Challenge 9)
Fountain Pen
For my own records, here's the major fictionland challenge I'm working on at the moment:

- Your goal: Write 15K.
- Now, don’t go running around in circles yet. You have 15 prompts to do so, according to this table:

1. Prompt: Bravado 2. Song: Never Gunna Be Alone 3. Style: No dialogue 4. Starting sentence: “Two knocks echoed through the hall. Not the habitual three, but two.” 5. Prompt: Campfire
6. Quote: “No matter how careful you are, there's going to be the
sense you missed something, the collapsed feeling under your skin that
you didn't experience it all. There's that fallen heart feeling that you
rushed right through the moments where you should've been paying
attention.” -Chuck Palahniuk
7. Prompt: On the go 8. Picture: 9. Prompt: Strange 10. Quote: "Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we
don't know how to replenish it's source. It dies of blindness and errors
and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of
witherings, of tarnishings." -Anais Nin
11. Prompt: You & me 12. Starting sentence: “Smirking, she turned and walked away.” 13. Style: Letter 14. Song: Marchin’ On 15. Artist’s Choice

The stories:

1 & 3: Regret

2: Obsession

4, 8 & 9: Philip

5, 7 & 12: Day Off

6 & 15: Paying Attention

10, 11 & 14: After All This Time

13: 419 Love

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Congrats!!! You finished, too!! I was beginning to think I was the only one crazy enough to do it. LOL

I'm excited to see to see when the results are posted!!

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