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A Case of Survival (Seven Deadly Sins)
NaNo 2011
Title: A Case of Survival
Author: eponine254
Fandom/Character(s)/Pairing(s): Original (Theodore)
Genre: Fantasy - urban
Rating: G
Words: 293
Challenge/Prompt: fictionland #25: Seven Deadly Sins
Warnings: None
Notes: Sins used in this story: lust, greed and pride.
Summary: Theodore is offered a case.

A Case of Survival

She wasn’t a femme fatale. In fact, she was a fairly ordinary woman of medium height, with her hair in long, neat braids. I wouldn’t have looked twice at her if I’d passed her on the street. Then again, I wasn’t a very good private eye, so I couldn’t exactly expect the universe to bow down to me in favour of literary conventions.

“How can I help you?” I asked, indicating that she should sit down. She clutched her handbag on her lap.

“It’s my husband,” she said. “He’s cheating on me.”

“Ah,” I said. My heart sank. Adultery. Just good old-fashioned lust. Lost objects, lost children, minor protective magic – that was more my thing. I hated the whole cheating spouse deal. It all seemed so sordid. As a matter of principle, I should have turned it down. I had opened my mouth to say as much, when my common sense kicked in.

I was living out of my office because I couldn’t afford two sets of rent. Over the last week, I’d been surviving exclusively on a cheap generic equivalent of Jungle Oats. The only real meal I’d had was when my friend and tragically-unrequited-one-true-love Erica had taken pity on me and bought me a burger. A veggie burger, because she was like that. I literally couldn’t afford to take the moral high ground on anything.

Greed wrestled with professional pride. It was a very short match. Pride was on the mat before it had a chance to do more than shout exaggerated threats for the benefit of the crowd.

“Tell me about it,” I said, pulling out a pad of paper and a pen.

Hey, sordid or not, it was either that or eviction. Even wizards need a place to sleep.

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Not a femme fatale? What? Does that even happen in urban fantasy? ;P Well done! "tragically-unrequited-one-true-love"! haha!

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