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Day 2: Things Get Meta
NaNo 2011

#Thatawkwardmoment when your novel plods along in such a dull and directionless way that you decide to use 2000 words to have your characters discuss your plot. And it's day 2. Apparently this is what happens when you do next to no planning. Who knew?

The only good news I have is that I managed to write much faster when I stopped writing my slow, lifeless scene and switched to a totally meta conversation between Kate and Lexi about the plot. I often have my characters work out my plot holes, but I've always managed to work it into actual scenes instead of demolishing the fourth wall entirely, like I did today. Not good. But I may do one more day of this to try and make sense of things before I get back into the story itself. And if it still seems dull then, I'll jump to a scene I feel like writing, and see what interesting developments come up. Last year, most of my best ideas weren't planned. Maybe my characters will start doing surprising things again. Right now, they don't feel alive enough to do that.

Week two'd right from the outset. Awesome.

Day 2: Stalling Again
"So what's your biggest problem?" said Lexi.
"I feel like I'm just killing time," I said. "But then, I'm not even killing time
until anything, because I don't have a proper plan. But for now everything's just coming out stilted and boring."
"You could scrap the whole thing," she suggested.
I raised my eyebrows. "Lex, that would be
us," I said. "Our universe."
"That's true," she said. "So maybe don't scrap it altogether."
"Preferably not."
"Big problem," she reminded me. "You're stalling again."
"I know I am," I said. "If I weren't, I'd be writing an actual scene."

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Ugh, at least you're getting words down, you can cut them later - so long as it leads to something productive, it counts and it's worth it.

I had a zero wordcount day yesterday and I'm at work until 3, and I hate everything about my "plot." :(

This meta thing is actually pretty interesting! Is your character constantly aware that she controls her own fate, or does it come to her in bursts of existential angst?

By the way, I'm totally not competing with you this year. So sail ahead of me with your word count, it's fine, I don't even care.... *gross sobbing*

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