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Jozi Gods - 100 words
Fictionland: Team Mystery
Title: Jozi Gods (100 words)
Author: eponine254
Fandom/Character(s)/Pairing(s): Original (Theodore)
Genre: Fantasy - urban
Rating: G
Words: 104
Challenge/Prompt: fictionland #17: Maintaining the Basics Part 33
Warnings: None
Notes: Here is the even-more-butchered version of this story. Part 1. Part 2
Summary: Even baby cities like Jo'burg have enough occult energy flying around for weird things to start happening. Theodore Du Plessis-Williams, B-grade sorcerer and amateur PI, gets called in to investigate when several small gods decide to overthrow the big guys.

Jozi Gods

When the small gods arrived, I felt the hum of magic.

“Theodore,” a voice spoke. It was not a Ten Commandments voice. It was small and high, and coming from a gerbil.

“Look,” I said. “Not that I’m not impressed – ”

“Fear us!!”

“Right. Look, I know about the coup.”

“You claim to know the minds of the gods??”

“Yes,” I said. “Just give it a rest, ok? Don’t make me banish you.”

“Banish the gods??” laughed the gerbil. “We, who are humanity’s very dreams and fears??”

There was a chorus of laughter.

“We will meet again!!” the gerbil squeaked.

Then they were gone.


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